Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You must have been a beautiful embryo

I haven't even written with details of the weekend because I was scared that actually writing about a 5 day transfer would somehow jinx it. After not getting a call on Saturday to notify us of a change, I was still in disbelief that we were going to actually make it to Day 5. In fact, it was only once I was on the table with my acupuncturist this morning pre-transfer that I felt relief. Surely they wouldn't allow me to get acupuncture treatment if we have nothing to transfer?

As it turns out, 4 of our 5 fertilised embryos were alive. We were shocked.  This is 80% embryo retention..much higher that the norm.  Unfortunately 2 of them were rated as poor quality-at least by Ottawa Fertility Clinic standards. I understand they are very strict about only freezing the best ones. The 2 others we had were great. One was perfect. The nurse, the doctor and the embryologist said it was a beautiful blastocyst.

Imagine that. This kid is already good looking.

Becuase there was only a slim chance we'd have something to freeze, we opted to transfer the 2 high quality ones. This of course presents us with the possibility of twins but it was a gamble we were willing to take. This risk is especially true with transfers on day 5.  On the top is a picture of what a 3 day embryo looks like (8 cell high quality) and  on the bottom  is what a blastocyst looks like by day 5. Transferring a blastocyst in the uterus at day 5  mimics what happens in a natural pregnancy since implantation does not actually occcur until 5 or 6 days past ovulation


The transfer itself was quick and exciting. The nurse made sure I was comfortable and talked me though everything I was seeing on the sceen. The sonographer held the ultrasound probe on my belly so I could see my uterus clearly. The embryologist who had made the magic happen with our egg and sperm explained the blastocysts in detail. The doctor  inserted the speculum and the catheter and dropped off our 2 little blasts into my uterus. My husband stared at the monitor with me while holding my hand. Of course this is not the way anyone imagines conception to happen. We were supposed to go to a party, get a bit tipsy, make love only to discover we were pregnant 2 weeks later. If there is one thing I have learned by now, it is that it doesn't matter how we get there, just that we know we will. As for me, I cried during the transfer. I cried when I saw the 2 tiny air bubbles on the screen which they explained were my 2 blasts entering my uterus. It was the happiest moment. I am Pregnant until Prove Otherwise.

Here is a picture of my little blasts being dropped off. You cannot actually see them but the sonographer put an arrow to show where they are. What a beautiful picture.

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