Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The first numbers are in

I had my very first ultrasound check up today since starting the stimulation. The purpose was to check on the number of follicles growing in each ovary and to check my blood levels for estrogen.

I am still waiting to get my bloodwork back however the ultrasound result came back with a total of 23 follicles at 9mm (tiny ones). The goal is to stimulate them to 18 mm. Apparently they grow at a rate of 2 mm per day so another 5 days is the estimate for trigger. I feel like 23 is a lot!  I was concerned about too much of a good thing. Overstimulation is dangerous and can be the cause for a clinic to cancel a cycle entirely. I breathed a sigh of relief when  the doctor who reviewed the my results said they were great looking follicles. To me, they looked like miniature dark craters  on the screen but who am I to argue with the professional.

I can hardly wait to go back in on Thursday and see my follicles again.

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